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AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro

Pro Earphone New

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  • 3 Days Ago
    Quality. Sound, battery, everything work 👍🏻
  • 3 Days Ago
    Sound cancellation on air travel is fantastic. Tune out the world. Went jogging and they never moved.
  • 3 Days Ago
    It is really easy to use, makes you feel comfortable and want to use, and effectively reduces the noise around you. Compared to October manufactured goods, the hinge and cover play were definitely improved a lot, and the gap in earphone unit cases was also improved positively. It's a great product to use when you don't want to hear about the coffee shop or surroundings!
  • 3 Days Ago
    For the past 3 years, I used Beats solos while I got through my Masters and Doctorates. 1/2 way to the finish line my Beats gave out, plus the fabric was finally ripping of the ears. I did a lot of research before getting these and I was very hesitant about getting cordless ear buds. These are BEYOND my expectations! The sound is a bit bassy, but clear, I listen to a lot loci, you can hear every crack and pop, I love it. Buds usually don't stay in my ears, they are quite comfortable, I hardly know I am wearing them and the noise cancelling is amazing. My spouse can play video games on surround sound and I can't even hear it. They are simple to use and I so nice to have! Any one on the fence about these, I would say that this is one of the best purchases I have made in a very long time.
  • 3 Days Ago
    Wow. I didn’t like my old AirPods but these are worth writing about. The sound quality for the size is stunning. The fit is an absolute treat. I have a big head and my old ones regularly fell out. These fit and stay in place perfectly with no effort—even when running! The noise cancellation is amazing. I have my noisy washing machine running right now and can’t hear it at all. Transparency mode is great for running because it allows me to hear if I’m about to be run over by a truck. So happy I made this purchase!
  • 3 Days Ago
    Love these so much
  • 3 Days Ago
    Best wireless earbuds
  • 3 Days Ago
    Works almost too well.. the noise cancellation almost sounds like you’re In a vacuum or what space would sound like. Almost as if there’s negative pressure in your ears.Highly recommend over the originals which I just upgraded from.
  • 3 Days Ago
    My wife loves them..a little uncomfortable for my ears. She uses them daily and is very happy with her gift. Happy wife = happy life! The connect easily, decent battery life, plenty loud, and good call quality. If they feel good in your ear then they are a go n
  • 3 Days Ago
    Love them. Came quicker than expected
  • 3 Days Ago
  • 3 Days Ago
    I'm pretty much invested in Apple ecosystem -- Apple TV, Macs, iPhones, etc and trust me when I say this is the best Apple product ever released. While everyone else probably uses and talks about the Noise Cancelling feature, I'm going to talk about how AWESOME it's Transparency mode it. It's basically the opposite of noise canceling, where you'll hear the ambient noise along with whatever's playing. For someone who loves to go on long bike rides, this has been great. I can play music, podcast, or whatever to keep me occupied while also being 100% aware of the environment around me as I can hear people running past me, cars passing by, etc more clear than when I would have nothing on my ears. This is the best thing ever happened to the world of headphones.
  • 3 Days Ago
    Wow amazing sound and super noise cancelation. Perfect AirPods buy them.
    I absolutely Love them. The fit is so comfortable stays in ear.
  • 3 Days Ago
    I bought my AirPods Pro the day they came out and they live up to the hype and exceeded my expectations. The sealed tips not only improve the fit of the earbuds but they also help improve the sound and sound better than the AirPods 2. Are the AirPods the best at everything they do? Nope but when you add up the good noise cancellation, good transparency mode, good battery life, good sound, easy to connect, no lag watching videos, sweat resistant, and small carrying case that fits in my jeans coin pocket...they check every box and are the complete package. These have by far the best call quality of any earbuds on the market. No other earbuds can deliver the same user experience. I've tried earbuds from Samsung, Jabra, and JBL but they all have issues that the AirPods Pro don't have. The only negative so far is the price. I use mine everyday so I can justify the purchase and they are worth the upgrade.
  • 3 Days Ago
    I bought them for my wife, she loves them more than me !
  • 3 Days Ago
    Good for video and phone calls and exercise. Also acceptable noise canceling to minimize distractions during work.
  • 3 Days Ago
    Another amazing apple product that I am 100% satisfied with!

    -Sturdy case and design
    -Amazing sound quality
    -Noise cancellation
    -Live listen is a great feature if you need to be heads up
    -Wireless charging
    -lightweight design
    -Very easy setup

    -Battery life isn't as good as others
    -USB-C (not really a problem but some people might not have)

    so in the end not many cons and a lot of pros! this is a quality product and I 100% recommend
  • 3 Days Ago
    In my opinion this is much better than the old AirPod version. I like the fact that I can squeeze my right AirPod and play/pause/skip songs without having to call Siri and I can squeeze the left AirPod to call Siri and ask her to increase/decrease volume (I just wish I could adjust the volume without invoking Siri). Also, unlike the old version, these AirPods stay in my ears and I don’t have to worry about them falling off. And when charging them I don’t need to remove the silicone eartips. Note that if you own the Anker wireless charger you may experience some issues charging AirPods. Per Anker their wireless chargers are designed to charge phones, not AirPods.
  • 3 Days Ago
    This is must have if you own an iPhone! I was able to get this stacked with an AMEX promo, but i do recommend this even full retail price after using it.

    Syncs up with your iPhone seamlessly, it wirelessly charges and the ANC is pretty good for its size and form factor. The ANC is not going to top Bose or Sony over the ear cans, but for its size, it’s really to travel and not worry about the bulk of the big canned headphones.

    Cons will most likely be with its retail price and lack of a way to adjust volume. Adjusting the volume a big deal to me but that’s just personal preference.

    If you have an iPhone, this is simply a no brained with its minor setbacks. Comfy in the ears, great ANC, wireless charging and small form factor.
  • 3 Days Ago
    Love this item!!! Received this item in perfect condition. The sound is amazing!!! Very comfortable and would highly recommend this item to everyone!!!
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